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Monarch Water Softener

Monarch Water Softener

Monarch Water offers the UK’s market leading range of water softeners, water filters and purifiers, scale and corrosion inhibitors, taps and calcium filters that successfully prevents the effects of hard water and build-up of limescale.

We have developed a range of products to meet the varying needs of our customers, so whether they need an automatic softener (electric or non-electric), Scaleout XP, our advanced scale prevention system, for where they can’t have one of our ‘five star’ quality softeners or a filter to help polish their potable water. We’ve got it covered!

The new HE range features intelligent Opti-Brining® technology which means the units only regenerate when needed. This not only reduces water consumption, but uses less salt and energy than previous models, making them more efficient.
Opti-Brining® also offers greater exchange capacity, higher flow rates and reduced water consumption.

Available Models

Monarch MiniAqua HE
Dimensions: 480H x 270W x 485D
Connections: 3/4” male
Family size: 1 – 3
Operation: Meter control with Opti-Brining ®

Monarch Ultimate Midi HE
Dimensions: 555H x 270W x 485D
Connections: 3/4” male*
Family size: 1 – 5
Operation: Meter control with Opti-Brining ®
denotes 1” upgrade available

Monarch Ultimate Master HE
Dimensions: 710H x 270W x 485D
Connections: 3/4” male*
Family size: 1 – 7
Operation: Meter control with Opti-Brining ®
*denotes 1” upgrade available


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